You name it, we’ll make it work—from the most simple, stripped down gigging guitar to the most versatile and complicated studio instrument.  Each guitar is custom made to the artist’s specifications using the finest tone woods, custom electronics, and hand selected pickups.


My build philosophy is simple: Quality materials, painstaking accuracy and consistent attention to my customers.  I build guitars 100% by hand (no CNC).  I am the only one in the shop and you will deal exclusively with me from wood selection to shipment.


In designing and refining my instruments, I strive to make the best instrument possible while paying close attention to the products that are already out there—trying to realize what works, what doesn’t and most importantly, why.


I my customers are spending their hard-earned money and I think it is important that you see your guitar’s progress as it comes to life.  You’ll get constant photo progress updates via email and phone contact.  I make it a point ot know each of my customers personally and they are in my mind with every cut and measure.  I am conscious of my customers’ needs be them on stage, in the studio, or in the garage.

Thank you for your trust and the privilege of letting me help you do what you love.




Gauge Guitars