Secret Ingredients

[flagallery gid=7 name="Gallery" w=550 h=550 skin=slideshow]Full-Tenon Neck Joint – Each one of our necks is joined to its body (by glue or bolts) using a deep set neck tenon that (i) is the full width of the fingerboard; (ii) is the full depth of the neck; and (iii) extends to the front of the neck pickup.  Each joint is hand fitted and the result is a coupling that is so tight the guitar can be lifted off the ground from the neck without any glue at all.

Neck Volute – The signature diamond-shaped volute at the back of each of our necks right below the nut adds just the right amount of mass to not only reinforce the neck at its weakest area, but also to increase the stiffness of the neck, which translates to more sustain and note definition.


Straight-Pull Tuner Configuration – the Tuners on all Gauge Guitars are arranged to allow the strings to travel over the graphite nut as straight as possible.  This prevents binding at the nut and allows for easier bending with more tuning stability and fewer broken strings


12 Degree Headstock Angle – Out headstocks are angled at 12 degrees, which is the angle we have found provides optimum string tension while allowing the to remain strong at its often weakest point.


Custom Neck Carve  and Custom Inlays – Every one of our necks is carved to the customer’s specifications and custom inlays are available on any neck