Gauge Guitars is excited to announce the launch of its amp line: Nava Amps. First up is a low wattage, 2 discrete channel, hand-wired point-to-point amp that takes you from shimmery clean to vintage crunch all the way to modern roar. We call it “The Pepper.” Sold as a head or combo (any configuration you like).

Its responsive, its touch sensitive and its transparent. So… if you’re good, its good. It’s damn good!

Turn it on… grab one of our SC’s…close your eyes and slam out any chord you like. You’ll be on the stage with Angus or Jimmy in no time flat.

Overall Configuration:

  • 18 Watts
  • El84 powered
  • Class A/B Cathode Biased amp
  • Point-to-point hand wired via turret board
  • light-up logo front panel
  • your choice of tolex color
  • your choice of lamp color

Channel 1:

  • Controls : Volume / Tone
  • Voice:  This is your vintage Plexi channel – go from shimmering almost Vox-like cleans to Plexi crunch to Vintage Plexi lead tones – all without getting thrown out of your neighborhood.

Channel 2:

  • Front Panel Controls: Bass / Mid / Treble / Gain / Volume
  • Rear Panel Controls: Bell, Jalapeno, Scotch Bonnet (selects the amount of preamp gain driving this channel.
  • Voice: This master volume channel takes picks up where Channel 1 Leaves off both in terms of gain in terms of tone heritage.   This channel is similar to a modded JCM800 and gives you crunchy rockin’ rhythm and searing leads.  The rear panel also features a Bell, Jalapeno, Scotch Bonnet selector switch to choose the amount of preamp gain driving this channel.

Base Price:

Head $1750

Combo $190

2×12 cabinet $650

1×12 cabinet $500